Arrest and summoning a number of civil and media activists in different cities of Iran

Reports indicate that in recent days, four civil society and media activists critical of the Islamic Republic were arrested in Tehran and Karaj and Two political activists were also summoned to court.

According to human rights sources, Mehri Entesari and  Yashar Karimi were arrested on December 28, 2020 in Tehran, and Somayeh Moghadam and Fatemeh Zahraei were arrested on December 30, 2020 in Karaj by Revolutionary Guards intelligence agents.

According to this report, Mehran Mohammadzadeh and Mahshid Asadi were summoned to the Islamic Revolutionary Tribunal of Tehran on December 30.

According to the report, Revolutionary Guards officers went to the detainees’ homes, insulted the families of the detainees, and searched their homes and confiscated some of their property.

The reasons for the arrest and charges against the four civil and media activists, as well as the reason for summoning Mohammadzadeh and Asadi are unknown. However, it has been announced that Ms. Entesari and Ms. Moghadam are being held in Tehran’s Evin Detention Centre (in the IRGC’s intelligence department). In recent days, a large number of political and civil activists, journalists, students, women activists, as well as a number of bloggers critical of the government, have been summoned, abducted and arrested and the fate of many of them has not been announced.

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